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     I tried to force open my eyes, but they denied to open. I had enough of unfortunate events from my previous hardcore world, and I did not want anything happening to me in the next world. With much struggle, I burst my eyes open, revealing my character in a peaceful forest, right next to a calm beach. This might be a good world for me, I thought to myself. I went in further through the forest, admiring the beauty of the trees and the flowers. I thought I would make it to the end in this world, but of course, I was wrong.

     I began hacking my first block of oak wood; yet again, feeling no pain in my young yet bold self. My hand smacked against the wood for the umpteenth time, before shattering and dropping as a tiny wood block. Without further ado, I broke more blocks of wood. Not long after, I had enough to build my own starting tools. I made a pickaxe, first, then a hoe, learning a lesson from my previous world. I began to dig into the side of a mountain as a temporary home.

     I hunted a herd of sheep soon after I placed a door to my new home. After quickly getting three pieces of wool, I hurried back home and made myself a bed. As dusk began to settle, I cuddled into my new bed, feeling happiness. Night began to start, and I fell asleep, peacefully. I did not wake up to the noise of moaning zombies outside my door, nor the clink-clanking of bones from the skeletons.

     I woke up bright and fresh and walked outside of my house, grabbing my stone sword on the way out. Outside, I saw a lot of monsters burning in the sunlight. Fortunately, no creepers in sight. I spotted a zombie, trapped in a waterfall. Suddenly, an arrow flew past me. A skeleton was hiding under a tree. I grabbed my sword and hurried down the battlefield. I swerved past the 'waterfall zombie' and headed towards the skeleton. Wrong move. Before I could hit the skeleton, it happened.

     Another bite to my shoulder. I gasped in pain as I fell to the ground, crawling backwards. The zombie trapped in the waterfall had caught up to me, setting me on fire. I crawled backwards a few more steps. That was the worst move I have ever done in my life. An arrow hit my back. I shrieked in pain. I had forgotten all about the skeleton. Now, two mobs were up against me as I was at three-quarter health.

     I did not forget what happened the last world. Sheer terror filled my veins. I stared up against the two monsters which cornered me. The skeleton held up his bow, sending another arrow to it and pulling on the string. I tried to get up, but the zombie slammed me against the wall, his hands on my throat. I was at half-health. I could not move, as the zombie held back my arms. I tried to kick forward, but to no avail. The skeleton let go of the string, and the zombie sent a finishing blow.

     As if in slow-motion, I looked at the zombie, looking at his puke-green skin and his nails as sharp as cactus thorns. The skeleton's arrow, the front flint glistened in the sun. Before I died, half-a-second before I died, I spotted him. Herobrine, standing next to a tree, smiling. His eyes were empty; only white was seen in his eyes. Half-a-second later, I did not see him any more. In fact, I could not see anything. That was when I knew that my life had gone to an end.


Noler Robert
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Name: Noler
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Home: United States

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